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Date of birth: 23rd of September, 1972, Ukraine

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Kyiv National Shevchenko University


Oriental studies, Farsi, English, French and Italian translator (Specialist)

Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences


Post-Graduate Course “Languages of Africa and Asia”

Kyiv National Shevchenko University


Civil Law (Specialist)







Key duties:

PICK Energy Consulting Ltd, director

2013 - presently

Organization and coordination of the PICK Energy services.


National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, Senior Specialist for International Cooperation


Management of gas supply & trading project, including:


- Monitoring and deep analysis of market, including pricing and consumption trends, correlation between principal market players, determination of market niche for development (preparation of presentations and reports), establishment of the relevant business strategy;


- Modeling of behavior in the market, product marketing and forming the list of potential partners;


- Formation of commercial offers;


- Preparation steps for negotiation process, correspondence with potential partners;


- Negotiating and discussion of principal term sheet.


- Drafting and revision of draft agreements.


- Making programs and working plans for implementation of signed contracts, coordination of interaction of different responsible departments.


- Coordination of settlements for rendered services/delivered commodities.


- Interaction with the state bodies for implementation and optimization of contracts (applications for permissions, approvals, extensions, initiatives on legislative changes).


- Execution of acceptance reports and set-off.


- Settlement of crisis situations and search for acceptable compromises in case of problems with     provision of works/commodities/settlements.  


Achievement: launching the first alternative gas supplies to Ukraine (from Europe through the territory of Poland).


Other more previous responsibilities:


Monitoring of potential foreign projects in Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar;

Correspondence and interaction with Asian partners;

Analytics and management of the oil supply project from Iraq to Ukraine;

Analytics and management of the process of adjoining of Ukraine to the gas transportation project “Nabucco”;

Negotiations and interaction with European and American companies under Cooperation agreements on hydrocarbon geological survey in Ukraine.


Kyiv International University and Kyiv National Shevchenko University

1998 - 2003

Teaching Farsi, Translation, Linguistics, Scientific Researches (Iranistics)

Achievements: 14 scientific publications, more than 100 students


Aviation Project (Tu-334) (Ukraine, Russia, Iran)


Interpreting from Farsi and English into Russian


Scientific Enterprise “LASIS”


Translator of medical literature from English into Russian


Scientific Research Institute of Biochemistry Named Palladina, National Academy of Sciences


Co-ferment Laboratory Assistant


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